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5 Benefits of Hiring Temporary workers for your Business

Hiring a temporary worker can be an ideal solution for your business, and it can help you plug the gap in a seasonal rush, a staff member on maternity leave or even just holiday cover. So why should you hire a temp and what are the benefits of this to your business? Read on to

Working as temp – what’s the process?

So, you’ve decided that working as a temp is the best work solution for you, but you’re not sure how it works and what steps to take to make this a reality. Our useful guide will take you through the steps: Register with 3Sixty Recruitment – our expert team will take your details register you

New Year, New Job – consider temping!

As we get back to normal life after the Christmas holidays, this January, make it your mission to use the New Year as a spring board for a fresh start. Whether you want to progress in your current job, find a new job or have a complete career change – set the ball rolling this