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There are many benefits to hiring temporary workers and an increasing number of companies are taking advantage of this option.

3Sixty Recruitment can assist you with the process to make it a quick an easy solution for your business.


Why should I hire a temp and what are the benefits of this to my business?

1. No Risk

Hiring an employee comes with risks, even with a probationary period in place. Hiring a temporary employee eliminates that risk and gives you flexibility and the ability to terminate the contract in the need arises.

2. Trial period

Hiring a temp is an excellent way to evaluate a potential permanent employee. As an employer of a temporary worker you can use this option to see how capable an employee is before committing to permanent employment. If a temp worker proves to be an asset to your business the option can be there to take this person on in a permanent role

3. Fuss-free process

Hiring a temp is a simple and straightforward process with  Hartley People 3Sixty Recruitment, We have a database of candidates ready to start work at a time that suits you. We can recommend a candidate, you can meet the candidates prior to starting work or you can choose to hold your own interviews – we will work with you to find the right solution for your business needs, 3Sixty will manage all payroll, PRSI and holiday cover.

4. Speed of turnaround

There can be many reasons for hiring a temp – seasonal business, illness cover, maternity cover, Often the need for a temp is urgent and requires a quick turnaround. Advertising for, and screening candidates can be a lengthy process.


The benefits of HP 3Sixty providing a temporary staffing solution to your business:

•  You only pay for the actual hours worked
•  We manage and pay the candidate through the Hartley People 3Sixty payroll and we manage PRSI, holiday and bank holiday pay
•  Temporary staff will not be included in your permanent headcount
•  We deal with all payroll related queries including setting up bank accounts, tax queries and payroll administration.
•  We issue P45’s and P60’s
•  All candidates are reference checked and screened by Hartley People 3Sixty.


For more information or if you are interested in hiring a temporary worker, please contact Deirdre Enright on 051 878813 or email deirdreenright@hartleypeople.com